Protecting Science and Public Health: In the Trump Era, Citizens Need to Defend Science and Health Research
 • February 6, 2017
“The scientific community and those who support it need to play an active role at all levels. We need to speak out against targeted immigration bans that, in addition to being discriminatory, restrict the free flow of international students and scholars. We need to foster a scientifically literate public through education and address systemic and cultural barriers to the diversification of the scientific community….”

Opportunities, Not Oppression, to Stop Illegal Mining in the Peruvian Amazon
Yale Global • February 18, 2016
“In the first week of 2016, Peruvian Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano announced the construction of a military base in the Amazonian state of Madre de Dios. It’s the latest phase in the escalating fight against illegal and informal gold mining, an industry tied to human rights abuses and widespread environmental destruction….”

How Scientific Activism Helped Bring Flint’s Lead Crisis to Light
ActivistLab • February 4, 2016
“Flint, Michigan has drawn national attention due to apparent government negligence that resulted in widespread lead exposure. Were it not for the actions of scientists working independently of the state, the lead crisis may have never come to light. Immediately after authorities switched the city’s water supply to the Flint River, residents started complaining of discolored, foul tasting water that was causing skin irritation and hair loss. Inexplicably, for a year and a half authorities ignored complaints and mounting evidence of lead contamination….”

Fear in the Time of Ebola
Yale Daily News • December 9, 2015
“In a time of renewed public fear over terrorism, the Ebola outbreak may seem like a distant memory to many Americans. However, the panic in recent weeks that is driving some politicians to reject refugees mirrors the hysteria that led some states to implement groundless Ebola quarantines that violated fundamental civil liberties….”

Wild, Bile and Phlegm
SAGE Magazine • March 24, 2014
“Coming from a long line of healers going back nine generations, Amchi Nyima’s practice is steeped in deep traditional knowledge.  His approach is tied to religious structure and infused with ritual significance, and involves observing the appearance, pulses, and urine of his patients.  However, the generations-old practice is now up against new obstacles….”

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